Four Transits, Five Workmen and a Large Hole

You know the old joke about utility companies – how there’s always one digging and five watching? Not so long back, I saw a variation of this in action on the main street which runs through our village. There they were: four vans liveried in utility company signage, five workmen peering into a freshly dug hole by the back gates to the local primary school…. and no-one digging!

A couple of days later at about 11 o’clock on what was a bright sunny day, I passed by the same location and what did I see? Nothing, nada, niet as the picture below illustrates.

See if the Gas Board will fill it in!

In what has now become an all-too familiar sight on our streets, a utility company arrives en masse to tear up the footpath, installs temporary traffic lights most drivers ignore, and two days later we still have…. a large hole in the ground!

Granted, while this in itself is far from unique, the picture below also illustrates yet another piece of  joined up thinking ( NOT ) from those responsible for Clayhanger’s highways and byways. This one being near the old railway bridge further up the road.

Too bad if you're waiting for a bus!

One wonders if the tax money we pay to those making such decisions perhaps spend a little too much time ticking boxes, and not enough taking in the local scenery. This is not recent by the way; the powers that be were told over a year ago when it was first erected, and yet, we still wait for the apperance of that mythical creature, an officer from Walsall Council’s Highways Department possessing that all-too rare quality –  a modicum of common sense.

With such qualities seemingly as rare as Rocking-Horse manure, I suppose it must also be true that there really are fairies at the bottom of the garden!

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