Looks like we’ll have to do it again!

Well what a waste of time that was staying up all night to watch the election results, just so the polls could be proved right about a hung parliament. Believe me, there is nothing worse than watching smug political pundits being vindicated in their predictions, although I imagine there must be alot of ducking and diving in Downing Street right now, as Gordo throws yet another tantrum – and several mobile phones – after being rumbled by the public at last.

So it would appear that her Maj cannot as yet, ask one of the three Caballeros to form a government, this being the case, I think I will concentrate instead on defrosting the gammon steaks we are having for dinner tonight and ask “She who wears the Trousers”  to pick up a bag of salad on the way home.

Meantime I’m off for forty winks again to replace some lost shut eye – and maybe get into practice for when I come back as Max the Cat.

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